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Universal Starch Chem Allied Ltd.

Products  Products
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Maize Starch Powder -
IP (Super Quality)
Maize Starch Powder -
IP (Special Quality)
Maize Starch Powder - (Pure)
Maize Starch Powder -
(Best Quality)
Unigel - 160, 270 & 500
Liquid Glucose - IG & So2- free
White Dextrins
Unisol - B &T
Dextrose Monohydrate
Dextrose Anhydrous IP-r
Dextrose Syrup
High Maltose Corn Syrup
Caramel ( All types of BIS Mark)
Maize Germ
Maize Germ Oil Cake
Maize Gluten ( 60%, 50% & 40%)
Pepsize – 200 (Oxidized Starch)
Unicats 25/45 (Cationic Starch)
Unifilm – 10 (Esterified Starch)
Unistar – 65 (Amphoteric Starch)
Maize Refined Oil – “CORNELLO”  


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Introduction | Specification | Application
Application :

Utexlose (MSP-R) | Application

The advantages of UTEXLOSE are :

  • Throughout the sizing process, the viscosity remains uniform.
  • Homogeneous along with humectants and lubricants, makes the fibre abrasion and droppings free.
  • The pick up of the size by the yarn is uniform ensuring both efficiency and smooth performance of the looms.
  • Size preparation is easy because Utexlose do not require prolonged soaking period before mixing into the size boiling.
  • The yarn gets tensile strength. Utexlose is highly compatible with the recipe of the size and remains stable for a desirable period of time.
  • Thin Boiling Starches of tailor made quality (Desired Viscosity) can be manufactured as per customers requirements.
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