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Company History
PlantM/s. Universal Starch-Chem Allied Ltd. Has achieved remarkable milestones during the history of last 30 years since its incorporation in 1973.  The Company has successfully enhanced the production capacity of Maize Refining from 60 MT to 400 MT per day.

The product range has been also successfully expanded to cater the requirements of Food, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Paper & Adhesive industries.  The process of new product development has been accomplished through the instantaneous efforts of different teams like Marketing, R & D, Engineering & Production. The Company’s R and D Laboratory is recognized by D.S.I.R., Govt. of India.  The Company was awarded by OPPI as the  “BEST VENDOR’ in the category of ‘Excipient Supplier” for the year 1998-99.  The Company has a H.R.D. Centre for training the staff and workers on Total Quality Management, Productivity and ISO 9000.

 The Company is thriving in sectors of Energy, Environment under the dynamic leadership of Management.  The Company has sophisticated and full-fledged Effluent Treatment Plant along with Bio-Digestors in which Biogas is generated from the factory effluents. The Biogas is being utilized as the fuel for by-product driers Plantand boilers and actively participating in the National Campaign of “SAVE ENERGY SAVE NATION”.  The Company has also  established  Wind Mill to generate 0.6 M.W. power and also succeeded in establishing a Co-Generation Power plant for captive consumption.  The Management is dedicated in the service of Mankind with the production and supply of quality products through Maize Refining industry.