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Universal Starch Chem Allied Ltd.

F. A. Q.  F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions
01. What is Cornello?
Cornello is the double refined corn oil, produced at the most modern plant of Jaychandra Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd, Dondaicha. Corn Oil is obtained from the
best quality Maize (Corn).
02. Why Corn Oil is superior Cooking Oil?
  • Corn Oil is Cholesterol Free & contents high percentage of Poly
    unsaturated fatty acids
  • Corn Oil contents tocopherols (Vitamin E).
  • Corn Oil contents Ferulic Acid (Food Presevative)
  • It has high smoke point (238 DC) enhanced pan life
03. What is Amylose & Amylopectin?
Amylose:- An essential linear polymer of starch composed of a - 1,4-linked D-Glucosepyranose molecules. A small no of a - 1,6-linked branches may be present.

Amylopectin:- Very large, branched, D- Glucosepyranose polymer of starch
contenting both a - 1,4 & a - 1,6-linkages. The a - 1,6-linkage represents the
bond at the polymeric branch point.
04. What is Native Starch?
Any granular starch that has been isolated from the original plant source but
has not undergone subsequent modification i.e. unmodified starch.
05. What is Gelatinization temperature?
A narrow temperature range at which starch granules begin to swell, lose
crystallinity, and viscosify the cooking medium.
06. What is Degree of substitution (DS)?
Measurement of the average number of hydroxyl group on each D-Glucosepyranosyl unit (commonly called as Anhydroglucose unit) that are
derivitized by substituent groups. Since, the majority of AGUs in starch have
three hydroxyl groups available for substitution, the maximum possible DS is 3.
07. What is substitution?
Chemical modification of starch resulting in the addition of a chemical
blocking group between starch polymers & involving derivatization with a mono functional reagent through ester or ether formation.
08. What is Dextrose Equivalent (DE)?
Indication of the reducing sugars content calculated as the percent anhydrous
dextrose of the total dry substance. Pure dextrose has a DE of 100.
09. What is Thin Boiling Starch?
Acid- hydrolyzed starch used to reduce the hot viscosity of a paste so that
higher concentrations of starch can be dispersed without excessive thickening.
10. What is Retrogradation
Process during which starch chains begins to reassociate in an ordered
structure. Two or more starch chains initially form a simple juncture point,
which then may develop into more extensively ordered regions and ultimately,
under favorable conditions, to a crystalline order.

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