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F. A. Q.  F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions
11. What is Gelatinization?
Collapse (disruption) of molecular orders within the starch granule manifested by irreversible changes in properties such as granular swelling, native crystalline melting, loss of birefringence, and starch solubilization.
12. What is Invert Sugars?
A Sugar consisting of equal parts of Fructose & Glucose i.e. made by the enzymatic break down of Sucrose.
13. What is Humectancy?
The property of retaining Moisture.
14. What is Glycemic Index?
A measure of how much a food increases the Glucose level in blood after it is digested.
15. What is GRAS?
Generally Recognized as Safe. Pertains to food additives that experts have declared safe for use in foods on the basis their history of use.
16. What is Cariogenic?
Capable of causing tooth decay (Caries).
17. What is Polyol?
Sugar Alcohol, a compound derived from reduction of sugar.
18. What is Isoelectric point?
The pH level at which the number of positive charges is equal to the number negative charges.
19. What is Maltodextrins?
Non sweet compounds (DE = 5 to 20) made from hydrolyzed starches.
20. What is Maillard browning?
Non enzymatic, Heat - induced browning of foods that occurs over time.
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