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Wind Mill

Wind MillWe have entered into the field of Wind Mill Energy generation two years back and invested Rs.10 Crores.During the year 2002-2003 we have established 3 Wind Mills with 600 KW (0.6 M.W.) capacity of TAKE Make (Germany) at Brahmanvel, Vill. Pangan,Tal. Sakri, Dist. Dhule .

We are generating sufficient electricity to meet the requirement of M/s. Unique Sugars Ltd. for the whole year through itís Wind Mill. M/s. Jaychandra Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. has also been utilizing the power generated through the Wind Mill and the spare quantity of power has been distributing to other manufacturers. Similarly, the whole quantity of power generated through the Wind Mill belongs to M/s. Universal Starch-Chem Allied Ltd. is also being supplied to other manufacturers and supporting the field of National Electricity Generation. We produced 4138000 units of electricity during the 1st year (2002-2003)and last year (2203-2004) we produced 3828000 units . The total units generated through Wind is 80,00,000 units.

Henceforth also we are trying to establish new wind mills of 1.5 MW capacity.
Water: We require more quantity of water for our Group of industries. Even water is also a national resource, we are utilizing it only wherever it is essential . Also we are reutilizing the water repeatedly after purification process. We have also made necessary arrangement for rain-water-harvesting. We are collecting the rain water, falling on top of the buildings, and allowing it to go under the ground to raise the ground-water level. To collect and store the water flowing underneath the ground 10 to 12 borewells are established at various locations.

We have planted thousands of plants/trees in our factory premises to upkeep the ecological balance and also we undertake planting of new trees every year.


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